Online Plan Review and Permit Application Instructions

Step 1. Plan Review and Permit Application Submittal
Building permits are required for structural alterations, internal and external improvements, general repairs, new construction, and for demolition. Beverly Hills Municipal Code 9-1-107 outlines when a permit is required. Click the link below to access the City's Online Plan Review and Permit Application.

Step 2. Staff Review
City Staff will review your application, and will be in touch with you if additional information is required. Please allow at least two (2) "three (3) business days for staff to review your application. After finalizing and submitting your request, you will be assigned a reference number. A notification email will also be sent to you with instructions. Please include the reference number if you need to ask questions or provide clarification regarding your application. Permit staff can be reached via email at CDPermits@beverlyhills.org.

Step 3. Payment
You will receive a CitySmart notification email after staff processes your application. The email will provide information, a breakdown of plan review and/or permit fees, and a link to the online payment portal. Many projects are eligible for over-the-counter plan review, while others require electronic plan review submittal. Plan Review & Permit timelines are available on the City's website. Click here for more information.